Mission, Vision & Values

With its strong heritage, George Kent fully embraces its responsibility
to be transparent and ethical across the Group’s operations.
This is deeply entrenched in its brand and reflected in its vision and mission.


Vision Statement

To become the most admired engineering company providing total solutions in the region and beyond:
                • A manufacturer, supplier and distributor of water metering products
                • A total-capability provider of engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning in the rail transportation sector
                • A specialist in turnkey construction of water infrastructure and hospital projec

Our Values

Our values serve as an underlying foundation for our actions and define our responsibility and commitment to our stakeholders.
At George Kent, we are part of a global community and will continue to serve our stakeholders with a committed sense of responsibility, conscience, ethicality and integrity.
We emphasise teamwork and excellence and remain customer-focused in our quest to be one of the foremost players in the metering and engineering fields in the years to come.


We are committed to a high level of professionalism and personal integrity in our business conduct.


We are guided by ethical principles that encourage individuals across the organisation to make decisions based on the Company’s stated beliefs and attitudes toward business practices within its industry.


We consistently demonstrate teamwork across the organisation, sharing our diverse skills and resources to achieve a common goal for the benefit of our stakeholders.


We strive for excellence in everything that we do. Going beyond the high standards that we set for ourselves and our business will ultimately set us apart and reinforce our position in the industry.


We understand the needs of our customers and are determined to satisfy them with superior products and outstanding service delivery. We focus on building long-lasting relationships which are mutually beneficial.