We adopt initiatives and practices that enrich the local communities, such as funding educational programmes as well as practising local sourcing and hiring.

Educational Programmes

Consistent with the national goal to boost the local workforce and upskill talents, we introduced three community educational programmes related to construction and manufacturing, each having specific objectives and outcomes.

George Kent Tertiary Education Scholarship

The flagship project of our community enrichment programme is the George Kent Tertiary Education Scholarship. The scholarship fund was established to support eligible Malaysians who aspire to pursue tertiary education in Malaysian institutes of higher learning.

Scholarship Brochure

Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (Protégé)

Protégé is an entrepreneurial training programme for youth mentorship and development in partnership with industry experts. We work with Protégé to produce a pool of strongly competitive and skilled workers to supplement the current and future talent demand of our industries.


Our internship programme offers eligible students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in the fields of engineering, construction and manufacturing.