Water Meters

As a world-class manufacturer, supplier and distributor of water meter products in Malaysia and the region, George Kent carries an extensive portfolio of water meters ranging from industrial, commercial to residential products. Being an industry pioneer and market leader in Malaysia, the Group stays ahead of the curve with an uncompromising commitment to quality, constant innovation and continuous improvements to its manufacturing processes, supply chain management and after sales services.

Our products categorised under the GKM brand are as follows:


  • GKMV30 is the V100 (PSM) Volumetric Cold potable Water Meter manufactured under the Licence of Honeywell International Inc – a world renowned domestic water meter. The brass body GKMV30 offers an unparalleled blend of high accuracy and performance at all times and in any position; durable and tamperproof construction as well as secure and ease of use. Flow rates between 15.6 litre/h to 20.0 m3/h, offering unrivalled conformance to ISO 4064, R 160 specification and has Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) capability option. The GKMV30 also enables the collection of valuable management information through the use of an optional probe pulse unit. This allows the analysis of consumption patterns and the ability to detect leaks early. Sizes available: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40.

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  • GKMV30P is the V110 (KSM) Volumetric Cold potable Water Meter manufactured under the Licence of Honeywell International Inc – a durable water meter with an engineered plastic body. It has a unique grooved piston design and a tamperproof register. The engineering plastic material used, which is free of any heavy metals and which also prevents bacteriological growth or any organoleptic change, is 100% suitable for drinking water. The meter can be installed in any position and can provide valuable management information via a probe pulse unit. It offers accurate reading and has a long service life, requiring low maintenance. Flow rates between 15.6 litre/h to 7.8m3/h, this meter offer unrivalled conformance to ISO 4064, R 160 specification and also has optional AMR capability. Sizes available: DN15, DN20 and DN25.

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  • GKMJ30 is a brass body Multi-jet Water Meter that has been designed for accurate measurement of cold potable water. Constructed with high quality material for all component parts, the GKMJ30 is manufactured in compliance with International standard ISO 4064 with R160 metrological performance. GKMJ30 offers accurate and tamperproof operation. All meters come with built-in strainer to protect against debris; and non-return valve is available as an option. This meter also has an anti-magnetic shield to prevent tampering by external magnetic interference. The register is vacuum-sealed to prevent fogging on dial lens. Sizes available: DN15, DN20, DN25 and DN40.

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5. GKM Helix 4000 - Copy
  • GKM H4000 Woltmann Cold Water Meter meter designed for measuring bulk forward and reverse flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications and distribution system monitoring. Its inductive register enables improved output performance and security while its robust shroud and copper ensure long term clear and accurate readability. The GKM Helix 4000 Woltmann is also compatible with the Emeris PR7 inductive pulse transmitter for effective water resource monitoring and management.

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6. GKM C4000 Combination - Copy
  • GKM C4000 Combination Cold Water Meter a meter combining two outstanding GKM metering technologies into one extremely compact unit, the GKM C4000 features two inductive registers for improved output performance and security, highly accurate bulk flow metering for applications with large variations in flow rate as well as a compact design for easy installation. The GKM C4000 is also compatible with Emeris PR6 and PR7 inductive pulse transmitters, and other common ancillary devices like data loggers and AMR systems.

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  • GKM C4200 Combination Cold Water Meter a combination meter which combines an H4000 high capacity meter with a smaller V100 volumetric rotary piston meter to give consistent accuracy over an extended range of flow rates. Designed to maximise revenue collection with a high turndown ratio, the GKM C4200 is particularly suited to bulk flow metering in areas such as hospitals, factories and sports centres where large variations in flow rate can be expected.

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  • GKMW300 a Woltmann water meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrial applications. With its exchangeable metrological unit and wide measuring range, the GKMW300 is a meter with R315 metrological performance. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, it is designed for maximum resistance to wear and corrosion. Beyond being robust and accurate, the GKMW300 is also easy to install across horizontal, vertical and inclined pipelines. Sizes available: DN50, DN80, DN100 and DN150.

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GKM Helix 4000 Strainer
  • GKM H4000 Strainer the GKM H4000 Strainer is designed with a low headloss for use with all Helix type meters. The heavy duty stainless steel sieve element prevents any large particles present in the supply pipeline from damaging the measuring mechanism. The special wave design provides the largest possible area of filter element, which when assembled in its body and connected upstream of Helix meter.

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  • GKM Pulser is an innovative Meter Interface Unit that transforms the mechanical water meter into wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities, for the domestic GKMV30 Brass and Polymer body water meters as well as the other commercial and industrial size water meters up to DN300. The GKM Pulser comes with both Radio Frequency [RF] and Narrow-Band IoT [NB-IoT] communication options and designed as an easy clip-on to existing GKM volumetric water meters.

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  • SisBA is an integrated automatic meter reading system which links up the AMR and AMI hardware such as the GKM Pulser, Mobile Readers, Repeaters and Gateway to software applications to provide a complete mobile and fixed system AMR AMI solution. The solution comprises head-end system, meter data management system, mobile workforce for smart meter deployment and Web-based and Mobile meter reading visualization platforms.

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