The Logo

The first George Kent logo was basically a simple black and white artwork that consisted of the company’s abbreviation, “GKM” with each letter placed within two intersecting circles.

At the beginning stages, George Kent’s business focus was mainly on repair and maintenance of public stand pipes components such as water meters, steam flow indicators and waste-not taps.

As the Group experienced rapid growth and change of direction in later years, the logo was redesigned by combining a symbol resembling ‘GK’ with the word “George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad.” George Kent Malaya Ltd was renamed as George Kent (Malaysia) Ltd in 1965 and subsequently converted to a Public-Listed Company under the name of George Kent (Malaysia) Berhad on 11 July, 1967. The Group’s very first manufacturing plant began its operations in 1969 and continued to grow and transform into the biggest water meter manufacturing plant in the ASEAN region.

In June 2015, the logo underwent a “facelift” in keeping with its ever growing presence in several industries, predominantly in the water meters manufacturing and water infrastructure projects. Since then, it has developed a strong track record in competently delivering specialised engineering projects, and in recent years, ventured into rail transportation and turnkey hospital construction.


The new George Kent logo embodies the culmination of the years of tireless and integrated effort in building the George Kent brand where today, it has a reputation of competently delivering specialised engineering projects and manufacturing world-class water supply components.

The logo captures the essence of the extent the Group has journeyed and transformed into a formidable force in the water services industry, with customers in more than 40 countries. With proven expertise, commitment and track record, the logo also epitomises the company’s involvement in nation building, working alongside and contributing to the realisation of vision and goals of parties in both the public and private sectors.

The logo comes in a triplet. At the core is the Group’s Main Logo which has been developed, modernised and inspired by the old logo. The variants of the Main Logo – one each for the Metering and Engineering divisions respectively – have been derived and streamlined from our business divisions previously categorised under “Manufacturing, Meters and Industrial” (MMI) and “Infrastructure Investment, Water and Construction” (IWC).

The Main Logo retains the symbolic stylised ‘GK’ with an updated modern feel, hence retaining the rich legacy that underpins the Group whilst showcasing how the business has continued to evolve and grow on its strong foundation.

The left arrow shape pointing outwards symbolises the Group’s commitment to continuously expand its business boundaries. The strong blue colour reaffirms George Kent as an undisputed market leader in the metering industry and its established track record in water infrastructure and engineering-based projects.

The trapeziums on the right-hand side of the logo denote the Group’s two core business divisions. The red trapezium represents the Engineering division and the gold trapezium represents the Metering division. Both trapeziums propel the arrow shape forward signifying the core drivers of business growth and earnings. 

To represent the two core divisions, there are two variants to the George Kent logo – a Engineering division logo and an Metering division logo.

If you wish to use the George Kent logo, please get in touch with our Communications Department at Any questions concerning the logo or its terms and conditions of use should be directed to the same.